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Fishing 2016

A short video of my annual fishing trip out of Tahsis, up toward the Brooks Peninsula.  For highest quality, click the cog at the bottom right and select 1080HD. Enjoy!


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Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night…

Wherever you are in this world, Josée and I wish you a safe, fun and enjoyable Christmas season.  For our friends in South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Canada, Tanzania, Holland and beyond, we miss you and we’re thinking of you!  Keep in touch, stay safe and enjoy your friends and family.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the best for 2016.

Click below for a little newsletter of our 2015.

Christmas 2015 p.compressed

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Cycling Netherlands…

This is a short video of our recent cycling trip through the southern part of the Netherlands.  We had a great time, rode about 1400 km (which is very easy to do there!) and enjoyed meeting people.  We camped most of the way with a few different B&B stops along the road.  If you like biking, I highly recommend a trip to the Netherlands.  Contact me FMI.


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Birthday bash

This is a video made at my nephew’s birthday party.  There is a quite a bit of dodgeball footage so fast-forward it if you like.  Enjoy!

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Camping – backwoods style

Well, we had a successful first camping trip with my niece, Charlotte, and my nephew, Oliver.  It was their first time off the grid and they did very well, despite Oliver not liking dirt on his feet (he soon got somewhat used to it!!).  We spent a couple days in the first bit of the Sayward Lakes Loop which is a great spot to kayak or canoe.  This was a short test trip and the kids passed with flying colours; they are game to go again and do a bigger trip!  Enjoy the video!  (To get the best resolution, make sure you select 1080HD from the cog at the bottom of the youTube window)

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Westward Ho…

I just returned from my annual fishing trip to the West Coast all stocked up with salmon, halibut, rockers and cod.  Thanks to my friend Captain Bud for taking me and my friends. Enjoy my video!

(PS..when you go to youtube and start the video, make sure you click the settings button in the bottom right (looks like a cog) and set your video to 1080 HD in order to get the good quality)

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Thanks for your support…

As many of you know, my little brother Tim had his second heart transplant on 23 December 2014.  He’d been on the transplant list since early September with one false start in October.  When the beeper finally went off, it was a go – a new heart was ready and a new life pending.  I won’t go into all the details here as I’m putting together a movie which will have the whole journey.

The support for our family by our friends, co-workers and community has been amazing.  Thank you for what you’ve done and what you’re doing.  Stay tuned for more as Tim moves through rehabilitation and into this new chapter of his life.

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A Delish Dish…

Thursday night, Josée and I had a wonderful evening with two of our good friends, Abs and Marcie.  One of our favourite restaurants, Locals, was hosting a wine-pairing event, featuring wines from Wild Goose Winery located in Okanagan Falls.  The menu was exceptional, full of delicious local foods.  Chef Ronald mentioned that the Comox Valley’s nickname of the Provence of Canada was well deserved as there are over 100 local farms providing a multitude of products.  We had a few nice visits with the vintner and learned about the family run winery.  It was a really nice evening of food, wine and friendship!

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A Gourmet Picnic!

header-logoIt’s becoming known as the Provence of Canada; the Comox Valley, home to over 100 agri-businesses, from cheese and yoghurt factories to honey producers, vineyards and wineries, shellfish growers and bison farms.  Today, joined by a few of our good friends, Josée and I spent three hours at Flavour, the North Island’s gourmet picnic, hosted by Coastal Black Winery.  We went last year and had a great time sampling dozens of foods and beverages, most of which are produced within a short drive of the Valley.  If you’re interested in learning more about agri-business in the Valley, just click here and here.  The event this year was fantastic, although a little rainy, and I can’t wait to go again!

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Ahoy matey…

Well, I’m freshly back from my annual West Coast fishing / relaxing trip aboard the SS Tappitt, courtesy of good Capt. Bud.  Shipmates this year included the ever present first mate CC and a new sea salt, brought along in case of emergency, Dr. Albert.  We shipped out from Tahsis, bound for the Espinoza Channel which leads to the open sea of the West Coast.  Temps were in the low to mid 20s the whole time, beautiful weather but strong winds.  These winds actually led to some adventure on the high seas, including deft manoeuvring of the ship by Bud, gigantic waves swamping the deck and a few spilled cookies over the side.  Overall, it was a great trip, full of fishing, swimming, good food, lots of drinks and laughs.  Here’s to next year!

Here’s a video of the trip; you might want to fast forward the pictures of CC jumping off the boat as I couldn’t shorten them so it takes a long time for him to hit the water!

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