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Tofino 2015

My recent trip to Tofino – great times, great friends!  Enjoy!

Click below to view….

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Oh Canada….

I think I’m very fortunate to be living in the greatest country on Earth – Canada!  It’s not without issues and definitely far from perfect but overall I think we’ve got a pretty good thing going here in the True North!  The video below is an oldie but a goodie from one of our true Canadian heroes!

Enjoy your Canada Day wherever you may be.

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Heart attack….

Today was Tim’s first ride post-transplant.  He nailed it!  We did a bunch of the lower trails which he handled with no problem except the odd break.  Next stop – Thirsty Beaver, Blue Collar and the rest.

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My first Uber…

urlI know there are plenty of good taxi drivers but we’ve all had the stereo-typical experience with taxis – waiting forever for a taxi to show up; having a driver who has no idea where your destination is or argues with you about the best route to take; being cheated on a fare.  A couple weeks ago, I was in Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles and decided to try hiring an Uber taxi to get to the airport.

UberPicI had the app on my phone so simply set my pick-up location.  Immediately I could see real time car icons driving around, like this image shows.  I could see my car driving toward me with an estimated pick-up time of two minutes.  I checked the car – a black Prius with the driver’s name, picture and profile.  About two minutes later, he pulled up and off we went.  Prior to getting the pick-up, Uber told me that the trip would be about 16 minutes and estimated the fare to be $13-15.  Sure enough, after a pleasant trip, we arrived at LAX Terminal 2 and I was ready to go.  One nice feature of the Uber app is that Uber acts as the intermediary with the taxi driver.  I just jumped out of the car and my credit card was automatically billed; no worrying about finding change or if the driver had overcharged me.

I think Uber has had some growing pains and it has most definitely caused some conflict with local taxi companies and some city governments (see Toronto, Vancouver).  It will be interesting to see how this leading edge technology pans out over the coming months but my first experience was excellent and I look forward to using it again.

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A monster night…

I haven’t been to Saratoga Speedway in years, probably decades.  This past Saturday some family and friends ventured up to the speedway for an evening of monster trucks, smash to pass car racing and some overall noise, burning rubber and action.  It was quite a fun, family-friendly night and I really enjoyed it.  Here is a small sampling of the action we saw:

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Are you distracted?

Once in awhile a company will come out with a great advertising campaign.  Remember the WestJet ad last year that was so neat!  Well, VW has done it this time with this stunner of a commercial.  I think the message is a great one and I hope everyone has a chance to view this short clip.  Please share.  Cheers!

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Had a bad day – watch this….

We love animals so this clip was an immediate hit.  If this doesn’t make you comment!  Enjoy!

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The Rainbow Gate

Awhile ago, we finished the fence with my neighbour to the east.  I still have some more to do out the back (another 500 metres or so) but that’ll come in the next few months.  Once done, we realized that now we don’t have a way to get back and forth across to each property so I dug out an old iron gate I found out the back, re-furbished it then hung it.  The rainbow gate is the result!

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Should Be Fun!

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Random flights

Random flight stills and vids from my recent LA and Big Island trip.  Unfortunately, I somehow deleted most of my takeoff landing vids so this particular movie isn’t that good.  The pics at the end are kind of neat – mountains in a sea of clouds.  Enjoy!

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