The Rainbow Gate

Awhile ago, we finished the fence with my neighbour to the east.  I still have some more to do out the back (another 500 metres or so) but that’ll come in the next few months.  Once done, we realized that now we don’t have a way to get back and forth across to each property so I dug out an old iron gate I found out the back, re-furbished it then hung it.  The rainbow gate is the result!

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C’est fini…

The first section of the great fence project is complete; about 1000 feet of field fence, some clearing and a few other tidy-ups.  I’m taking a break for a week but over the Christmas holiday, hope to get the back section of the property started.  Overall, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.  Now I’ll just have to wait until September next year for the posts to really get cemented in to the ground as things dry and tighten.   Thanks again to Manuel for his unceasing, unpaid labour!

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Petal’s Place

Today, I cleaned up the pet’s room in the side building.  It is a palace; couple ol’ couches and dog beds, nice and dry and offers accessibility to the yard.  When in the back yard, Petal’s little house consisted of a big cardboard box stuff with a dog bed.  She liked it but Daisy sometimes destroyed it and the whole thing was a bit junky so I decided to make her a little house.  I used a few old shelves, some leftover flooring from my office renovation and a couple planks of the laminate in the house.  She should be nice and comfortable in there in this cold weather!

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Fence phase 2

So this past weekend, Manuel and I joined by Josée and Tim finished off the east fence, about 150 metres.  I still have some grading and landscaping to finish off but that will happen over the next little bit.  The fence ended up very straight (thanks to the survey!) and very tight.  We used my come-along attached to Bob’s bucket as a stationary pulling point in order to get the fence taut.  Overall, I think the finished project is pretty good, all things considered.  I now have to finish the front fence (about 50 metres) and then eventually the back-side (another 200 metres).  More to follow!!

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Fence phase 1

Another fall, another fencing project; I left this one a little late though so it is going to require some landscaping next spring when things dry up a little.  Overall, we’ve reclaimed over 600 square metres of land and found a previously unknown shallow well to boot!

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Honey of a time…

I’ve always liked bees.  They buzz around, seem happy to collect some pollen, make some nectar or honey and generally mind their own business.  They’re industrious and work cooperatively.  I don’t really know much about them so I decided to join the local beekeepers club here in the Valley.  My first meeting was on Tuesday at the Dove Creek Community Hall.  I reckon there were about 25 people at the meeting, all of whom were more than happy to share their experiences and insights into the world of beekeeping.  One guy had kept bees for over 60 years!  So my task this winter is to get a hive or two together and prepare it for some new bees, arriving probably early next spring.  Hopefully next fall, I’ve have a good population of bees and a few litres of honey on hand!

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Weekend ramblings…

Another weekend in paradise!  A stock phrase I seem to use a lot but it doesn’t get much better than the good ol’ Valley!  Busy weekend  – did some yard maintenance and lawn cutting and then started off Saturday with the hike to Ripple Rock (as per previous post).  Josée needed a computer table in her storage room so I built one of those out of leftover floor panels then I decided to build a small box to cover the well pipe.  Petal and Daisy don’t like walking over the gravel to get to the north 40 so I made a small walkway out of bricks for them; they’re using it a bit but I think I might have to re-work it into a wider path.  One of our plum trees was ready for picking so we did, gathering over fifty pounds of plums.  Have such a surfeit, I decided to make a few plum liqueurs so those will be ready in mid to late November.  Off to hockey now – great way to end another weekend!  Have a great week!

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Round and round the…silver birch

This project has been on my list for awhile but for some reason I’ve just not got to it.  This afternoon, I decided to get to work and git ‘er done.  Bob and I cleaned out the sod and long grass, fixed up the water source (which I’d already plumbed in under the grass a few years ago), added some terra-blocs and planted it with lingonberries and blueberries.  It was a simple and clean way to tidy up this area of the backyard.  Enjoy your day!

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Old becomes new – well, sort of…



Starting off

Starting off

The side building at our house is like a rabbit warren, full of little rooms.  We have a pottery studio and a pet house in there along with some storage and my workshop.  The outside of the structure, however, is a dog’s breakfast of rotting tongue and groove, dripping fascia and decrepit water pipes.  While I wanted to clean it up a bit, I didn’t want to rebuild it or spend a lot of money so I just cut the bottoms off the rotting boards, added some cedar cladding from Dove Creek Timber, dropped a window in from my brother’s dump pile, trimmed everything and painted the fascia.  I added a box to cover in the tap manifold and built a few window boxes out of scrap for flower and herbs.  It’s a cheap fix and at least cleans things up for the time being.

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Waste not, want not…

I was sitting out in the workshop the other night and a stray piece of 2×6 caught my eye.  It really should have been tossed in the burn pile but that would have been a waste so I thought about what I could make out of it.  Here’s what I came up with – an iPad stand!  It actually works with my iPhone as well.  Simple and effective – here are the pics!

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