Shred the red…

A couple months ago, Josée and I joined a few friends for a quick jaunt to Sedona, a town in Northern Arizona.  We were going mountain biking in the famously beautiful red rock desert – hence, shred the red.  It was an amazing trip, full of great trails and lots of fun with our friends.  We will definitely go back.  The video below is a compilation of a bunch of my videos from various trails.  If you’re a biker, you might watch the whole video – if you’re not, feel free to skip through it!  Enjoy!

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Boccé Bash 2012

The latest edition of the Boccé Bash is fast approaching.  Registration opens 3 July 2012 for the first 24 paying teams.  I will have a wait-list for other teams who are interested but you’re not in until you’ve paid!  The bash is on Saturday, August 11th @ the Knight Rd. Boccé pitches.  Details to follow.

Registrations can be submitted at my office in Comox or you can swing by the house.  If you own a business and wish to sponsor the event, please contact me and I’ll provide some extra info:

  • For registrations received on or before July 20th – $50 per team
  • For registrations received on or after July 21st – $65 per team
  • Cash only
  • When you register, please have a team name, your player names and your t-shirt sizes
  • Late entries are NOT guaranteed to receive a t-shirt

I’ll post more information in a couple weeks but for the time being, if you have questions, get hold of me on email or text 250.792.5151

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Boccé Bash 2012

Spring has nearly sprung so it’s time for your advance reminder about the 2012 Boccé Bash.  It’ll be held on Saturday, August 11th at the Knight Road boccé pitches!  The format will be similar to last year although I have a few tweaks in mind.  More details will be posted in early July; remember, space is limited and we’ll be registering teams on a first-pay, first-in basis.

For those of you who own businesses, if you want to be involved with sponsoring the event, please let me know well in advance (i.e. by mid-June).  Sponsorship is $150 and includes your team entry (so it is really $100).

Russ and Tony were the 2011 champs and I’m sure will be coming back to defend their title.  We’re probably looking at a 24 team tournament this year as it keeps things going time wise.

For more details, email or phone me.

The pitches @ Knight

Russ & Tony: Defending Champs

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42.5 km later…

Sunday a new record was broken in Toronto.  At 100 years of age, Fauja Singh became the oldest person to complete a marathon, 42.5km in about 8.5 hrs.  I read a few articles about him this afternoon; he started running about twenty years ago, in his late 80s, and how runs an average of about sixteen kilometres a day.  Talk about inspirational!  The clip below is some background on Mr. Singh with a few scenes of him running; it’s truly amazing to see such an elder statesman move with such grace and flexibility.

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Boccé 2011…

Saturday, Aug 6th: The Pitches @ Knight Rd.

The 3rd Annual Boccé Bash presented by Flip Flop Shops took place Saturday afternoon at the boccé pitches at Knight Road.  Twenty-four teams of two arrived seeking to capture the coveted Boccé Bash Cup.  Last year, teams battled the elements with the finals played in driving rain under cover of darkness.  Fortunately, the weather gods were on our side this year and the only concern was running out of sunscreen.

Four pools of six teams commenced round robin play in mid-afternoon.  As summer came late this year, the pitches were in prime condition, green and lush, a perfect firmness for those rolling balls.  Competition was fierce with wiley boccé veterans outpacing many of the newbies.

Following pool place and a well-deserved meal break, playoffs commenced with the top two teams in each pool advancing to the finals.  Heated play saw TEAM PRG (Colin Cunningham, Tim Davies) versus LOVE YOU LONG TIME (Tony Gibson, Russ McLean) in one semi while defending champions PALLINO NECKLACE (Lucien Bellamy, Ton Trieu) battled THE CLANSMEN (Steve Blacklock, Steve Andersen).  PRG and THE CLANSMEN ended up in a tie for 3rd while LOVE YOU LONG TIME defeated PALLINO in a hotly contested final.

Special thanks go out to our sponsors; Flip Flop Shops, Ben Davies Financial Planning, Blackfin Pub, Coastal Physiotherapy, Budget Brake and Muffler, Gordon Hearing Services, The Head Shed and Grant Floors and Interiors.

Stay tuned next summer for details of the 4th Annual Boccé Bash!

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Boccé update

Greetings fellow ballers!

Boccé is fast approaching with approximately 3 weeks til tourney time.  About a week or so in advance, I will email/post a PDF with all the information you’ll need about the tourney.  Just remember that you’ll need to be at the Knight Rd. boccé pitch ready to go on the afternoon of Saturday, Aug 6th.

We’ve had a bunch of sponsors come on board this year (including Coastal Physiotherapy, Cedar Mountain Signs, Surfwood Bobcat Supply, Blackfin Pub, Flip Flop Shops) and have room for a few more so spread the word if you know of a company who wants to be involved.  Also, we are doing t-shirts this year but ONLY for those who register and pay early.  The registration is filling up very fast so don’t wait another two weeks to enter as you won’t get in.

If you have any questions, just get hold of me and I’ll do my best to answer them.


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I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike…

I’ve been riding my bike a fair amount over the last few years.  It’s a hybrid and very comfortable for longer rides, many of which are over 50km.  When I was a kid, my brother and I had 5 spoke BMX bikes; mine was yellow, his was red!  We spent hours building jumps, stacks of firewood on the gravel road, driving off ledges, balancing along logs and generally trying to do whatever we could do get our bikes in the air.  I’m sure Mum and Dad would have been horrified to know how crazy we got with our adventures.

For anyone who enjoys bike riding and has memories like I do, take five minutes and watch this video.  It is absolutely amazing what this guy can do with his bike.  It’s a great clip with good scenery and some nice music.  Click here and enjoy!

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Boccé Bash – event pages…

Hi everyone!  For ease of communication, you can bookmark two sites for all your ‘boccé’ information.  The first is on my events page; click here for the link.  The second is our Facebook event page; click here for the link.

Please do me a favour and forward this to people you think interested.  Last year, we had some people say they didn’t know the details but I don’t have emails for everyone!

Many thanks to the Head Shed and Coastal Physiotherapy coming on board as sponsors.  We have several sponsor packages left and a number of businesses are considering.

Details to follow….

(Registration opens Tuesday, July 5th)

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Boccé Bash 2011

The 2011 edition of the Bash is just around the corner; hopefully you’re all tuning up, playing with your balls.  Here are some details:

  1. Corporate sponsors are signing up!  I’ve sent letters to a bunch of companies.  If you want your company involved, contact me ASAP.
  2. We have a new title sponsor – Flip Flop Shops (Nanaimo).  Click here for more info.
  3. Registration is $25 per player (teams of two, come up with a team name/costume etc – like last few years)
  4. Registration opens TUES, JULY 5th and is on a “you pay, you’re in” basis; no spots reserved and I’m not chasing people for money this year.  Mark it on your calendar!
  5. Cheques to Ben Davies or cash is fine.
  6. SPACE IS LIMITED so do not delay.  At present, I have almost 40 teams who emailed to say they are interested!
  7. Registration and information forms will be online in a couple weeks.
  8. The tournament is Saturday, August 6th.

Stay tuned!

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‘Nucks win, ‘Nucks win, ‘Nucks win!!!

This is the best day of 2011; I can finally breathe.  Way to go Canucks!  Enjoy the winning goal over and over!!

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