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Another day in paradise!  Josée, Daisy and I head out early this morning for a quick hike to Ripple Rock, about fifteen minutes north of Campbell River.  In 1958, Ripple Rock was destroyed in the largest non-nuclear explosion ever.  For the full story and original CBC video, click here.   The hike is about an hour each way and culminates on a cliff overlooking Seymour Narrows, home of some of the fastest tide rips in the world.  It was a great hike and a nice way to start the weekend.

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An eagle’s eye of the Comox peninsula…

For those of you who like the aerial view, here is a short video of my recent flight from Vancouver Int’l Airport (YVR) to Comox Airport (YQQ).  I attended the annual CIFP conference which was pretty good as far as conferences go.  I flew on a Pacific Coastal flight and I’m fairly certain (if my memory is correct) that the plane was a Beechcraft 1900-C.  It was a short trip but very pleasant!

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I was just emailing a friend of mine about a few issues, one of them being the HST.  By now, most of us in BC have our vote yay or nay for the HST packages and many of us are still unsure of which way to cast our ballot.  When the HST first came in, confusing as it was, I sent a report to my clients outlining what would change and what would not.  This was sometime ago.  In my mind, the number one issue regarding the HST at present is not so much whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but rather the misinformation surrounding both sides of the debate.  It is hard to get straight answers.

While I have read on the HST, I am the first to admit I am not an HST scholar.  Several months ago, I stumbled across this youtube video by a recent UBC law school graduate with a minor in economics.  To view the video, click here.  I found it both informative and entertaining and it is quite clear on which side of the vote he stands.  To learn more about why the HST should be rolled back you can visit the Fight HST website here.  To learn more about the HST and what it means to you (the other side of the issue), visit the HST in BC website here.

Whatever you do, get informed and make your voice heard!

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