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An auger’s abode

Manuel and his cohort, he who shall not be named, descended on Knight tonight, hungry for a few projects.  I’d been planning to whip up a stand for Bob’s auger but it was down on the list.  Luckily the slave labour arrived and I was able to put my plan into action.  This auger is a ‘bitch’ to get on to the tractor when it isn’t suspended so with this project now complete, taking the post-hole digger on and off will be a breeze.  On to the next project!  Enjoy the sunshine!

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The Rainbow Gate

Awhile ago, we finished the fence with my neighbour to the east.  I still have some more to do out the back (another 500 metres or so) but that’ll come in the next few months.  Once done, we realized that now we don’t have a way to get back and forth across to each property so I dug out an old iron gate I found out the back, re-furbished it then hung it.  The rainbow gate is the result!

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C’est fini…

The first section of the great fence project is complete; about 1000 feet of field fence, some clearing and a few other tidy-ups.  I’m taking a break for a week but over the Christmas holiday, hope to get the back section of the property started.  Overall, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.  Now I’ll just have to wait until September next year for the posts to really get cemented in to the ground as things dry and tighten.   Thanks again to Manuel for his unceasing, unpaid labour!

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Fence phase 1

Another fall, another fencing project; I left this one a little late though so it is going to require some landscaping next spring when things dry up a little.  Overall, we’ve reclaimed over 600 square metres of land and found a previously unknown shallow well to boot!

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Round and round the…silver birch

This project has been on my list for awhile but for some reason I’ve just not got to it.  This afternoon, I decided to get to work and git ‘er done.  Bob and I cleaned out the sod and long grass, fixed up the water source (which I’d already plumbed in under the grass a few years ago), added some terra-blocs and planted it with lingonberries and blueberries.  It was a simple and clean way to tidy up this area of the backyard.  Enjoy your day!

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Take a seat…

We have two beautiful ponds in the back, one of which remains full all year.  Surrounding the ponds are a variety of trees, some of which are quite big.  Last fall, we had a large alder partially drop so I decided to pull it out with Bob and buck it up before it fell on us.  After clearing an area, I decided to take part of the tree which wasn’t rotten and turn it into a bench; we now have a nice area, dappled with sunshine in the later afternoon, from which we can sit and watch our pond.  Now I just need a fishing pole now except the herons take care of most everything!

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Holiday projects…

I had a nice Christmas break but like many, if I don’t leave home, I keep finding small projects on which to work.  Over Christmas, I had a few key things to go.  First off, was to create a weight for the back of the truck, a vehicle useless beyond belief in even the thinnest snowfall.  A few measurements and some concrete later, I had a block weighing about 190kg ready for action.  Luckily, the form I constructed was accurate enough to allow Bob’s warped fork-lift arms under, enabling me to lift it into the truck; now I just need some snow to test it.  The address sign was something I started before Panama trip but figured it was time to dust off the router and get ‘er done.  It’s gorilla-glued to a rock at the front of the house – so far, so good.  Finally, I cleared out a path through the blackberries to the pond, hauled out a few storm-snapped trees, bucked them for firewood and then took the trunk of one alder to make a bench.  By late spring, I figure most of the bushes will grow back and we’ll have a nice little sitting area to watch life on the pond.

Happy New Year!

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Random acts…

Another weekend in paradise; I think we’ve now had one day with rain in about the last two months.  We picked our Italian plums this weekend and got an absolute pile; the pallet forks on Bob sure helped elevate our picking.  I rust proofed my dirt screener so now it is fire engine red, visible from a mile away.   By the way, if you need soil (sandy loam/soil, great for root veggies), I have it for sale.  I also finished off the fence posts and gates so the fence is pretty much done.  Throw in a few walks with the crew and it was a busy yet productive weekend.  Now we just need the endless summer to continue!

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The Great Fence Project of 2012 (phase V)

Not much new to report in this phase; we’re just continuing the fence line across the top of the garden, moving on to the homeward leg down the driveway.  Following this, we’ll build the gates and take a look at some pergolas.  I’m thinking about adding some hanging baskets but I’m also going to plant some new vines.  Then it’s a re-grade of the driveway, adding a compass/sundial type of thing, a retaining wall around the silver birch and then an overhaul of the side building!

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The Great Fence Project of 2012 (phase IV)

Old fences removed, sod (er..) turfed and a rough grade finished, it was time to move to installing the first few fence posts.  Timber was provided by my friends at Dove Creek Lumber; we’ve got the fence posts as 6×6 Western Red Cedar, the windows as 2×4 and the rails – well, I haven’t finalized that decision yet.  The nice thing about our lumber is that it is all non-dimensional, rough and thick; a 2×4 is actually 2×4 and so on.

We started setting our fence lines using some batter boards I’d cut.  Apart from the pets moving the lines about a bit, we got things square which is a major achievement as nothing on this property is square.  We decided to square things off the house mostly, ignoring the side building as they work at slight odds to each other.  We came up with a fence design to keep as much of the view as possible, using lagged bolted 2×4 windows to create a sense of openess – at least, that is the theory on paper.  Manuel recruited another labourer, Jorge, who joined us for a few hours here and there; six hands are better than four.  Next phase – more fence posts and some windows!

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