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Boccé 2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 7.49.54 AMWell, mark your calendars and get your balls polished up, the 2013 edition of the Boccé Bash is now here.   The tourney date is Saturday, August 10th on the boccé pitches @ Knight.  We’ll follow the usual format – details to follow in a few weeks.  Just remember that registration commences July 10th and space is limited to 24 teams.  You can register at my office or if you see me in person; $50 per team (we need team name and t-shirt sizes) and pay to play.  Costumes and team themes encouraged.  Don’t delay as it fills up fast (as some of you can remember from last year!).  Thanks and see you soon!

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Boccé Bash 2012

The latest edition of the Boccé Bash is fast approaching.  Registration opens 3 July 2012 for the first 24 paying teams.  I will have a wait-list for other teams who are interested but you’re not in until you’ve paid!  The bash is on Saturday, August 11th @ the Knight Rd. Boccé pitches.  Details to follow.

Registrations can be submitted at my office in Comox or you can swing by the house.  If you own a business and wish to sponsor the event, please contact me and I’ll provide some extra info:

  • For registrations received on or before July 20th – $50 per team
  • For registrations received on or after July 21st – $65 per team
  • Cash only
  • When you register, please have a team name, your player names and your t-shirt sizes
  • Late entries are NOT guaranteed to receive a t-shirt

I’ll post more information in a couple weeks but for the time being, if you have questions, get hold of me on email or text 250.792.5151

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Boccé 2011…

Saturday, Aug 6th: The Pitches @ Knight Rd.

The 3rd Annual Boccé Bash presented by Flip Flop Shops took place Saturday afternoon at the boccé pitches at Knight Road.  Twenty-four teams of two arrived seeking to capture the coveted Boccé Bash Cup.  Last year, teams battled the elements with the finals played in driving rain under cover of darkness.  Fortunately, the weather gods were on our side this year and the only concern was running out of sunscreen.

Four pools of six teams commenced round robin play in mid-afternoon.  As summer came late this year, the pitches were in prime condition, green and lush, a perfect firmness for those rolling balls.  Competition was fierce with wiley boccé veterans outpacing many of the newbies.

Following pool place and a well-deserved meal break, playoffs commenced with the top two teams in each pool advancing to the finals.  Heated play saw TEAM PRG (Colin Cunningham, Tim Davies) versus LOVE YOU LONG TIME (Tony Gibson, Russ McLean) in one semi while defending champions PALLINO NECKLACE (Lucien Bellamy, Ton Trieu) battled THE CLANSMEN (Steve Blacklock, Steve Andersen).  PRG and THE CLANSMEN ended up in a tie for 3rd while LOVE YOU LONG TIME defeated PALLINO in a hotly contested final.

Special thanks go out to our sponsors; Flip Flop Shops, Ben Davies Financial Planning, Blackfin Pub, Coastal Physiotherapy, Budget Brake and Muffler, Gordon Hearing Services, The Head Shed and Grant Floors and Interiors.

Stay tuned next summer for details of the 4th Annual Boccé Bash!

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Boccé update

Greetings fellow ballers!

Boccé is fast approaching with approximately 3 weeks til tourney time.  About a week or so in advance, I will email/post a PDF with all the information you’ll need about the tourney.  Just remember that you’ll need to be at the Knight Rd. boccé pitch ready to go on the afternoon of Saturday, Aug 6th.

We’ve had a bunch of sponsors come on board this year (including Coastal Physiotherapy, Cedar Mountain Signs, Surfwood Bobcat Supply, Blackfin Pub, Flip Flop Shops) and have room for a few more so spread the word if you know of a company who wants to be involved.  Also, we are doing t-shirts this year but ONLY for those who register and pay early.  The registration is filling up very fast so don’t wait another two weeks to enter as you won’t get in.

If you have any questions, just get hold of me and I’ll do my best to answer them.


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Boccé Bash – event pages…

Hi everyone!  For ease of communication, you can bookmark two sites for all your ‘boccé’ information.  The first is on my events page; click here for the link.  The second is our Facebook event page; click here for the link.

Please do me a favour and forward this to people you think interested.  Last year, we had some people say they didn’t know the details but I don’t have emails for everyone!

Many thanks to the Head Shed and Coastal Physiotherapy coming on board as sponsors.  We have several sponsor packages left and a number of businesses are considering.

Details to follow….

(Registration opens Tuesday, July 5th)

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Boccé survey

Hi everyone!  If you plan to compete in the 3rd Annual Boccé Bash, please complete the short survey if you haven’t already done so.  To reach the survey, please click here.  I’ll have an update in about two weeks regarding sponsors, entry deadlines, apparel and a few other things.  Thanks!

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Boccé 2011 – advance notice I’m a little early but by popular demand!  Last year, I had close to a dozen teams say they wanted to attend the annual Boccé tourney but the two months notice I gave was not enough (go figure!).  So this year, I am nipping the problem in the bud by announcing the (tentative) date for the Third Annual Boccé Bash.  If everything goes according to plan, the tournament, BBQ and festivities will be held on Saturday, August 6th so mark your calendars now – no excuses…you have six months notice!

The next update will be late May / early June.  One thing to remember is that this year we will be increasing the number of teams but registration will be on a first pay, first in basis.  The 2010 edition was big – 32 teams and over $1200 in total prizes.  It is becoming a cult classic as well, even warranting a mention in the Record’s Year in Review.  The 2011 tourney promises to take a giant stride forward as we have a couple of corporate sponsors interested in ramping things up.  Speaking of which, if you own a company and want to get involved, please contact me for information.

Thanks for your interest, mark your calendars and go warm up your balls.

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2010 Boccé Bash re-cap

Well, the 2010 Boccé Bash has officially come and gone and, despite the weather, I think overall it was a good success.  Who’d have thought that the one day of rain we’ll have this summer would fall on tourney day!  Thanks to all the gamers who stuck around as darkness fell and the final few games were played in drizzle and mist, with car lights shining on the pitch.

Click to enlarge

Teams came from both near and far, with participants from the Valley, Vancouver and Victoria.  We even had a special import team, The Incredi-balls, who flew in from Quebec just to take a shot at the title.  We had 32 teams this year, many of whom arrived with team themes and costumes.  Some of the best included Black is Back (Kary & Lawry), Chicks with Balls (Paula & Josée) and Beauty & the Beast (Tom and Julieta).  The winner of the 2010 costume prize was No Boccé, No Cry (Sam & Becky) who will enjoy a $100 gift certificate to the Blackfin.

Pool play was hotly contested for the first few hours of the event.  There were four pools of eight teams and pool play consisted of a round robin in each pool.  Next year we’ll have a few less games but it worked OK this year.  From each pool, the top four teams advanced to the elimination rounds and due to the lack of light, we had to cut the game times down to four minutes.  Making a return to elimination play and looking for a back-to-back Boccé Bash Cup, were the 2009 champions, aptly named The Champions (Jason “I can’t hear you” Gordon and Marco “The Italian Stallion” Spadafora).  Their spirited run through the pool play ended abruptly when Team Bill Kelly Golf (Bill & Jana) delivered the knock out punch in the round of the Elite Eight.

The Final Four saw Team Bill Kelly Golf (Bill & Jana) matched up with Pallino Necklace (Lucien & Ton)  on pitch A with the Straight Shooters (Kenny & Kim) tackling The Muskokans (Russ & Marci) competing on pitch B.  Under a light drizzle, both semi-final matches were demonstrations of extreme boccé skill.  After a hard fought battle, we saw Team BK Golf and The Muskokans bow out, only to fight again in the consolation final with Team BK Golf coming out on top.

The final of the 2010 Boccé Bash saw the Straight Shooters (Kenny & Kim) take on Pallino Necklace (Lucien & Ton).  In a hotly contested match, Pallino pulled ahead early but thanks to some crazy-late-night-raining-dark-bump-navigating shots by the Shooters, the match went to extra innings.  Eventually, the Shooters succumbed but for their day-long efforts were rewarded with $100 each to the Blackfin.  Team Pallino will enjoy $150 each to Locals, a fantastic eatery in downtown Courtenay.  For a complete re-cap of the elimination brackets, click here.

We had some help this year from a few sponsors.  When you are around town, stop in and support these businesses if you can:

Surgenor Brewery

Lucky Lager

VI Fitness for Women

The Head Shed


Ben Davies Financial Planning

Flip Flop Shops

Next year, we will continue to build out the event with some new sponsors and prizes.  As the number of teams increase, the number one change I will make for next year is to increase the number of pools and reduce the total games played as the event was a little long this year.   If anyone has other suggestions, please fire me an email here.

Thanks again…see you next August!

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Tournament time

The coveted cup

Two days ’til tournament time.  Here are a few last minute details for you to review.  If your partner has not received this information via Facebook, email or through my blog, please make sure they do.

  • Gates open at our place at 1:00pm.
  • Tournament starts sharp at 2:00pm; please do not be late as we have the dark to contend with this year!
  • BYOB but we will be providing juice and pop
  • Supper will be BBQ, smorgasbord-style and will run for probably around an hour and a half
  • As I write this, the weather forecast has improved drastically from yesterday.  We are now looking at cloudy weather with sunny periods although if this smoke continues we might not see the sun.  For weather updates, click here.
  • Don’t forget to bring lawn chairs or you can use the grass if you wish!
  • Many teams are coming with matching shirts or costumes – don’t forget!!
  • Bring a hoodie for later as it cools down a bit.

For the final registration list of players and team names, click here.

If you have any other questions, just fire me an email or call 339.1140

See you on Saturday!

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Gentlemen…start your engines!

I guess in the PC world my title should read “Gentle-people…start your engines” but it doesn’t sound as good.  Two weeks to go ’til Boccé 2010.  Field prep is mostly done although I will do a final “how-low-can-I-go-mow” just before the day.  We are making arrangements for the food and we’ll have some coolers ready to keep things chilly.  A few people dropped me a vine and said they’ve been out training, working on back-handed tosses, side-spin whirls and double-stack blockers.  One half of the 2010 championship team has been honing his game nightly on the pitches at Pridy Road.

If anyone has a spare boccé set, can you please let me know.  We need four in total although I would like to have one spare one just in case.  In addition, don’t forget to bring lawn chairs, a drink cooler and a jacket of some sort as it is usually windy at our place and can get a bit cold later in the evening.

Give a big shout out to our sponsors thus far:  The Head Shed, Surgenor Brewery, VI Fitness for Women, Lucky Lager, Ben Davies Financial Planning (shameless self-promotion!), Bill Kelly Golf, JBD Enterprises Inc. and Flip Flop Shops (Vancouver Island).  These guys help make the tourney what it is now and what it will be over the next few years.  At present, the interest level means that the 2011 edition will have 48 teams!

Stay tuned for a final update, probably around August 5th.

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