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Are you distracted?

Once in awhile a company will come out with a great advertising campaign.  Remember the WestJet ad last year that was so neat!  Well, VW has done it this time with this stunner of a commercial.  I think the message is a great one and I hope everyone has a chance to view this short clip.  Please share.  Cheers!

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I just watched a video from my buddy this morning and it was about Phonebloks.  This is a really cool idea invented by a guy from the Netherlands, Dave Haaken.   The basic premise is having a phone which is customizable and which allows certain components to be replaced and/or upgraded rather than just throwing the phone out and getting a new one.  The video shows the idea in better detail.  Right now, Dave has a campaign going on Thunderclap to promote the idea of Phonebloks, an idea he isn’t even copyrighting – he just wants some company to make it happen!  Right now he has nearly 500,000 supporters on Thunderclap with an estimated social reach of 186 million!  Share this post if you think the idea is worth spreading!

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