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Let it rain…

Well, we’re just back from Mexico so I decided to start a new little drainage project last week. Seems the original owner decided to forego a perimeter drain around our main out-building. On three sides, water drains down the natural slope of the land but on the north side, the slope is above the grade of the concrete pad so when it rains big, the water table rises and spills over into our building. Luckily we don’t have anything in there of great value but it is a pain – hence the new drainage. This project is only 15 metres so didn’t take me too long – ditch, grade, pipe, cloth and fill! Hopefully this will move our excess water! Check the pics!

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Friends are good

Friends are good.

A couple weeks ago at hockey, I mentioned to my friend that I needed to dig a 200ft drainage ditch on the west side of our property to channel the sub-surface water from next door out to the road. As it happens, my buddy had access to an excavator so we arranged the drop off for this past weekend. What a time saver!

Not only did I get the drainage ditch dug, I cleaned up my dirt screening area out back, I scraped an area where I might build a pig-pen this winter and I dug a shallow trench around the front parking lot into which I am going to plant a hedge of sorts. I had about 10 hours seat time on the excavator which I figure would be about one-tenth of the time it would have taken me to complete these jobs by hand. I’m all for reducing my carbon footprint but sometimes technology can be a great thing.

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