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Life – in a day…

Last night Josée and  I watched a very interesting documentary titled Life In A Day.  Directed by Kevin McDonald and produced by Ridley Scott, it was a series of scenes and vignettes filmed by average people in over 190 countries on one specific day, 24 July 2010.  From the bazaar in Kabul to a Korean man spending 9 years riding his bike around the world to a slaughterhouse, the film showed ordinary people doing ordinary things in every corner of the globe.  It also posed three questions to those who participated – what gives you joy, what do you love and what do you fear.  The film is 90 minutes but well worth the time; it opened my eyes to life in our big beautiful world and was an optimistic piece of encouraging media, a rarity in the modern world.  Most of all, it reiterated to me that deep down, people share more similarities than they do differences.  Enjoy!

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