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A post with no theme, organization or message – let’s call it miscellaneous ramblings.  Hmm…well, it was an interesting week. Early in the week, I was in Gold River for a couple of reasons.  I stopped to take a photo of the magnificent view over the spine of the Island and was caught in a snowstorm for about five kilometres!   I spent some time helping neighbour G with his driveway, taking out the organic ready for gravel to be added and grading the area. We moved a huge pile of detritus out the back of his place. The next day his gravel arrived so Bob and I went over and graded it all out flat and level plus re-worked his existing driveway, filling in holes and smoothing the whole area. It turned out nicely.  It was my birthday this week and I got a great treat in the form of a Lucky cake.  One of Dad’s students from years ago is a talented cake maker and she crafted the masterpiece.  Thursday night we had a big burn, torching an absolutely massive pile of debris, an old doghouse, rotten boards and branches.  Bob helped accelerate the process as we piled up the material into a towering inferno of flame reaching at least ten feet into the night sky!  The fire was so hot that when I cleaned up the pile on Saturday morning, the bricks in the firepit were still too hot to grab without gloves.  Bob helped me clean up the burn pile area and I’ll seed this to grass in a couple weeks.  Oh, I started the other section of retaining wall as well – got to get that ready for planting in a short while.

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End of an Era…

Built in 1878 by John Fitzpatrick, a local landmark, the Lorne Hotel (oldest hotel in BC) just burned to the ground. I received a text this morning from the Big Mac Attack then walked by it when I got to work. According to rumour, the fire started around 1:00am and the hotel took no time to burn. Lots of good memories associated with the oldest hotel in BC;  where will the annual Boxing Day reunion be held now?  It’s going to be interesting to see what the fire chief determines is the cause of the fire.  Another Comox landmark up in smoke; remember the Edgewater!!

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Pridy Knight (er, pretty night?)…

There is something magical about a fire.  We’ve all experienced that mesmerizing feeling, losing (or gaining?) focus in the hypnotic dance of the flames.  Well, last week, I managed to steal remove a ton of bricks from Pridy Road, helping to clean up from a minor renovation Mum and Dad were having done.  I decided that it was time to build a firepit, ready for the fall bonfires under starry skies, sipping hot chocolate spiced with a dash of Bailey’s.  As you can see from the slideshow below, I cut the grass around our existing burn pile then Bob and I piled sticks, old boards and a few knotty logs into a small mountain, ready for burning when the summer is done.  We dumped a bucket load of gravel, leveled it roughly then stacked the bricks into a rough square, about 15 inches high.  We then dumped half a dozen buckets of direct around the old burn spot, raked and rocked it then covered it with cut grass.  I’ll seed it this fall when the rains return!

This firepit should provide lots of fun times, under pretty nights, enjoying good company and marveling at the beauty which surrounds us.  More updates to follow!

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