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Fishing 2016

A short video of my annual fishing trip out of Tahsis, up toward the Brooks Peninsula.  For highest quality, click the cog at the bottom right and select 1080HD. Enjoy!


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Westward Ho…

I just returned from my annual fishing trip to the West Coast all stocked up with salmon, halibut, rockers and cod.  Thanks to my friend Captain Bud for taking me and my friends. Enjoy my video!

(PS..when you go to youtube and start the video, make sure you click the settings button in the bottom right (looks like a cog) and set your video to 1080 HD in order to get the good quality)

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Ahoy matey…

Well, I’m freshly back from my annual West Coast fishing / relaxing trip aboard the SS Tappitt, courtesy of good Capt. Bud.  Shipmates this year included the ever present first mate CC and a new sea salt, brought along in case of emergency, Dr. Albert.  We shipped out from Tahsis, bound for the Espinoza Channel which leads to the open sea of the West Coast.  Temps were in the low to mid 20s the whole time, beautiful weather but strong winds.  These winds actually led to some adventure on the high seas, including deft manoeuvring of the ship by Bud, gigantic waves swamping the deck and a few spilled cookies over the side.  Overall, it was a great trip, full of fishing, swimming, good food, lots of drinks and laughs.  Here’s to next year!

Here’s a video of the trip; you might want to fast forward the pictures of CC jumping off the boat as I couldn’t shorten them so it takes a long time for him to hit the water!

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Fishing 2012

As mentioned a few posts ago (about the salmon shark), I was on a fishing trip about a month ago on board the Tappit out of Fair Harbour, Cap’t Dickens at the helm.  I joined friends Col and Jeff and we headed out for an epic trip to the West Coast on board this little gill netter.  It was an absolutely fabulous trip and I was welcomed on board as I brought the sunny, calm weather with me!  We had lots of fish, whales, prawns, good meals and fun times.  Here are the pics!

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Salmon (shark) anyone?

I just returned from an epic adventure in Kyuquot Sound, north Vancouver Island, where my good friend Bud took me fishing on his fish boat.  I’ll do another post with some of the photos and a few details of the trip but for now, I wanted to get the video below online.  It was one of the definite highlights of the trip – Colin reeled in a salmon shark, probably about 5-6 feet long and we estimated maybe around 200-250 lbs.  It was exciting to see one so close but we were all happy when Bud got the hook out and we set him free.  Enjoy the video!


PS..if you want to watch a National Geographic video about salmon sharks, click here.

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