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The Great Fence Project of 2012 (phase V)

Not much new to report in this phase; we’re just continuing the fence line across the top of the garden, moving on to the homeward leg down the driveway.  Following this, we’ll build the gates and take a look at some pergolas.  I’m thinking about adding some hanging baskets but I’m also going to plant some new vines.  Then it’s a re-grade of the driveway, adding a compass/sundial type of thing, a retaining wall around the silver birch and then an overhaul of the side building!

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Bottle o’ wine, fruit o’ the vine…

One of my (many) winter plans is to get my little vineyard up and running.  Shortly after moving into Knight Rd, we discovered a massive grape vine, straddling the fence with our neighbour and even crawling up at least four or five metres into an apple tree.  Last fall, we harvested over 50 lbs of grapes from this vine which produced very nice fruit and lots of it despite the fact that it had not been pruned or maintained.  So after looking at this vine, I’ve decided to create a little vineyard.  I don’t know how much fruit it will produce or when and I’m not sure exactly what type of vines I will plant but we have the space and the sun is free!

The first batch of grapes harvested produced about 30 bottles of an extremely clear white wine.  It needs a couple months to mature but even the ‘test’ bottle was nice; a smooth, somewhat viscous liquid, quite palatable indeed!  It had a hint of marmalade on the back of my tongue, followed by the scent of cut grass and wood smoke.  Well, not really but I just find it funny how some of those wine people describe a nice wine in such strange terms.

Anyway, if we get these vines pruned and ready to roll I anticipate we will triple our harvest next fall.   Wine anyone?

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Fruit of the vine, bottle o’ wine

Josée battles the vine!

Josée battles the vine!

On one side of our property, we have a massive grape vine. We haven’t yet got around to maintaining it but when we do I’m sure it will be a champion producer. Over the last couple days, we harvested what grapes were there. I don’t think they are Concord grapes as they aren’t blackish-blue but they are tasty. We’ve now got around 50 lbs of grapes some of which we’ve frozen to take in to be pressed for wine, some of which we’ll eat. We should get about 30 bottles of wine from around 35-40 lbs of grapes.

Over the winter, I plan to build a small ‘vineyard’ right where the vine is located now. Hopefully by training and maintaining it, the vine will up its production substantially. I might even move our Kiwis over to join the grapes so all our vines are in one section. I’m not sure if Kiwi transplanting is possible – one more task for my list.

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