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Our new addition…

Last year (it seems like yesterday), was a tough one from a loss perspective; our first pig, Monty died early in the year while in the spring, we had to say goodbye to our Great Dane, Jack.  As any pet owner knows, it is hard to lose a pet but eventually the pain eases and by late 2012, we were ready to start looking to add to our family.

Eventually, Josée found our new addition at a house in Courtenay.  The mother dog was a Blue Tick Hound and the father a Great Dane / Mastiff cross.  You can see some of the hound in her head profile / ears; some of the colouring of an English Mastiff and some of the big legs of both Danes and Mastiffs.

Josée asked me to come up with a name.  Here is the stream of thought process:  hounds…deep South (perhaps incorrectly)…Dukes of Hazzard…Daisy Duke.  So, we call her Daisy.  Here she is!


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Thanksgiving Dog

It’s been one year to the day since Captain Jack joined our family on Knight Rd.  He was shy and jittery when we first got him from the rescue centre in Washington State but after a short while he started to relax and make himself at home.  He has gained some weight, enjoys barking at the airplanes and playing incessantly with Tegan.  They are great friends.

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