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The Garden Isle…

I’m always late finishing my movies so thought I would try to get a few done before it starts getting busy on the farm.  This particular movie is about our trip to Kauai in January 2013.  It has a couple of hiking scenes which are a bit long (I should have done a little better on the editing) and a few other beach scenes and so on.  Some of my video was deleted so this movie is a little boring.  Anyway, I hope the next one is better – enjoy!

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Weekend ramblings…

Another weekend in paradise!  A stock phrase I seem to use a lot but it doesn’t get much better than the good ol’ Valley!  Busy weekend  – did some yard maintenance and lawn cutting and then started off Saturday with the hike to Ripple Rock (as per previous post).  Josée needed a computer table in her storage room so I built one of those out of leftover floor panels then I decided to build a small box to cover the well pipe.  Petal and Daisy don’t like walking over the gravel to get to the north 40 so I made a small walkway out of bricks for them; they’re using it a bit but I think I might have to re-work it into a wider path.  One of our plum trees was ready for picking so we did, gathering over fifty pounds of plums.  Have such a surfeit, I decided to make a few plum liqueurs so those will be ready in mid to late November.  Off to hockey now – great way to end another weekend!  Have a great week!

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Another day in paradise!  Josée, Daisy and I head out early this morning for a quick hike to Ripple Rock, about fifteen minutes north of Campbell River.  In 1958, Ripple Rock was destroyed in the largest non-nuclear explosion ever.  For the full story and original CBC video, click here.   The hike is about an hour each way and culminates on a cliff overlooking Seymour Narrows, home of some of the fastest tide rips in the world.  It was a great hike and a nice way to start the weekend.

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Six Days, Seven Nights…

It’s been three weeks since our return from the Garden Isle – Kauai!  We were there longer than the title of this post but like the movie of the same name, got to see as much of the island as Harrison Ford and Anne Heche.  What a great trip!  Normally, Josée and I like to get off the beaten path a bit but we found a great deal on VRBO for a small condo in the village of Kapa’a on the East Coast of Kauai.  Hawaii wasn’t our first choice but Kauai ended up being a great place for a relaxing holiday.  It is sparsely populated and the locals are very authentic; I’ve never seen so many ‘shakas’ in action!

Wonderful weather, tremendous hikes, decent snorkelling and nice people all combined for a trip which was both relaxing and exciting.  I won’t bore you with all the details; just suffice it to say that Mark’s Place, Anahola Beach and Kipu Ranch, among many other places, restaurants, hikes and beaches are burned into our memories!  If you’re planning a trip to Kauai, I highly recommend it – if you need information, just let me know!

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