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Where’s the rain?

A couple weeks ago, I was walking my dogs and noticed that my two ponds still were not joined.  Through the summer they are always divided by a land bridge but usually by mid-November we’ve had enough rain that the two become one.  This made me think that I could only remember two sou’easters coming through our place this fall which seemed unusual.  In fact, I couldn’t even remember the last time we had rain and the mountains which we see out our front window were remarkably barren; no rain = no snow.

I decided to do a little checking on the weather data, just out of curiosity (yes, I’m like that), and my suspicions were confirmed – we’re having an incredibly dry fall.  Check out my chart for the figures; we’ve had less than half the rain we normally get.  I guess that means January and February will be full on monsoon season.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the dry weather while you can!

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This weekend, I finally got around to cleaning up some deadfall in our forest, removing some hazardous trees while at the same time prepping some firewood for this coming winter.  Bob and I have this down to a science; fall the trees, limb them then tow them to our bucking, splitting and stacking area.  I’m trying to only take down damaged or dangerous trees and we’re going to replant with a variety of mountain ash which grows quick and burns hot.  Last year I gathered enough firewood to heat our house through the whole winter with about 1/2 a cord left over.  With hydro rates set to increase by 50%, I’m glad we don’t have to rely on electricity for our heat.

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Scenes of Knight

Nice morning stroll out the back of our property with dogs and cat; Monty was too busy grazing in the front to join us. We had a quiet half an hour sitting in the back field, sun blazing down on us while Tegan, Jack and Julius patrolled the perimeter. What a nice place we have!

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2010 Boccé Bash re-cap

Well, the 2010 Boccé Bash has officially come and gone and, despite the weather, I think overall it was a good success.  Who’d have thought that the one day of rain we’ll have this summer would fall on tourney day!  Thanks to all the gamers who stuck around as darkness fell and the final few games were played in drizzle and mist, with car lights shining on the pitch.

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Teams came from both near and far, with participants from the Valley, Vancouver and Victoria.  We even had a special import team, The Incredi-balls, who flew in from Quebec just to take a shot at the title.  We had 32 teams this year, many of whom arrived with team themes and costumes.  Some of the best included Black is Back (Kary & Lawry), Chicks with Balls (Paula & Josée) and Beauty & the Beast (Tom and Julieta).  The winner of the 2010 costume prize was No Boccé, No Cry (Sam & Becky) who will enjoy a $100 gift certificate to the Blackfin.

Pool play was hotly contested for the first few hours of the event.  There were four pools of eight teams and pool play consisted of a round robin in each pool.  Next year we’ll have a few less games but it worked OK this year.  From each pool, the top four teams advanced to the elimination rounds and due to the lack of light, we had to cut the game times down to four minutes.  Making a return to elimination play and looking for a back-to-back Boccé Bash Cup, were the 2009 champions, aptly named The Champions (Jason “I can’t hear you” Gordon and Marco “The Italian Stallion” Spadafora).  Their spirited run through the pool play ended abruptly when Team Bill Kelly Golf (Bill & Jana) delivered the knock out punch in the round of the Elite Eight.

The Final Four saw Team Bill Kelly Golf (Bill & Jana) matched up with Pallino Necklace (Lucien & Ton)  on pitch A with the Straight Shooters (Kenny & Kim) tackling The Muskokans (Russ & Marci) competing on pitch B.  Under a light drizzle, both semi-final matches were demonstrations of extreme boccé skill.  After a hard fought battle, we saw Team BK Golf and The Muskokans bow out, only to fight again in the consolation final with Team BK Golf coming out on top.

The final of the 2010 Boccé Bash saw the Straight Shooters (Kenny & Kim) take on Pallino Necklace (Lucien & Ton).  In a hotly contested match, Pallino pulled ahead early but thanks to some crazy-late-night-raining-dark-bump-navigating shots by the Shooters, the match went to extra innings.  Eventually, the Shooters succumbed but for their day-long efforts were rewarded with $100 each to the Blackfin.  Team Pallino will enjoy $150 each to Locals, a fantastic eatery in downtown Courtenay.  For a complete re-cap of the elimination brackets, click here.

We had some help this year from a few sponsors.  When you are around town, stop in and support these businesses if you can:

Surgenor Brewery

Lucky Lager

VI Fitness for Women

The Head Shed


Ben Davies Financial Planning

Flip Flop Shops

Next year, we will continue to build out the event with some new sponsors and prizes.  As the number of teams increase, the number one change I will make for next year is to increase the number of pools and reduce the total games played as the event was a little long this year.   If anyone has other suggestions, please fire me an email here.

Thanks again…see you next August!

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