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Petal’s Place

Today, I cleaned up the pet’s room in the side building.  It is a palace; couple ol’ couches and dog beds, nice and dry and offers accessibility to the yard.  When in the back yard, Petal’s little house consisted of a big cardboard box stuff with a dog bed.  She liked it but Daisy sometimes destroyed it and the whole thing was a bit junky so I decided to make her a little house.  I used a few old shelves, some leftover flooring from my office renovation and a couple planks of the laminate in the house.  She should be nice and comfortable in there in this cold weather!

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A random couple weekends…

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I’ve had a weird few weeks.  I was in the hospital for a few days with an infection – all better now.  Previously, I had an adventure in the north 40.  Bob and I were out doing firewood.  I took down half a dozen trees, skidding them over to the firewood pile.  On the second trip, a sinkhole mysteriously opened in the ground and Bob sank.  Col stopped by and I enlisted his aide but to no avail; it took Josée and me a good hour to get Bob extricated.  Last weekend, I worked on re-finishing some old benches.  They were in rough shape but I stripped them down, repainted the iron legs and re-did the slats.  I haven’t finished the yellow one yet but the blue one is up in the pet cemetery so I can sit in comfort as I remember Monty and Jack.  Maybe one day I’ll join them there!

Last Thursday, I came home and heard a strange noise.  It didn’t sound like Tegan.  I looked outside and there was a pink pot-bellied pig, playing with Tegan and eating some grass!!  A long story short, her name is Petal and she is about five months old.  She belonged to someone who lives just down the road but for a variety of reasons is no longer able to care for her.  Josée and I decided to adopt her so now we are the new owners of a pink pot-belly!   She is really cute, very fun and has a different personality from Monty.

Finally, I had a great breakfast at Atlas and decided to take a close of my delicious breakfast!  This weekend, more benches, welding some bucket hooks on the tractor, another bonfire and maybe a meal out.  Oh, I have to remember to pay my taxes too!

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The Full Monty

Maybe three weeks ago, Josée asked me about adding another animal to our growing menagerie.  We talked about another dog, perhaps additional farm cats – even more chickens (see John 15:13).  Our long-term plan includes sheep and possibly beef cattle but more than likely that is a 2011 project.  Anyway, I figured that one more pet wouldn’t really make a huge difference; we have lots of space, we enjoy our pets and they have a good life with us.

A week or two passed and the subject wasn’t raised.  Early this week, I found a link in my inbox: “Pot-bellied pig looking for a good home”.  Strange, I thought, why would she send a link on this topic.  We planned to raise pigs for meat but to my knowledge I didn’t think pot-bellies were meat pigs.  I was right.

Monty, a 5 month old pot-bellied pig, lived in Victoria and as his owners were being asked to leave the home they were renting and could not find another pig-friendly abode, they had to put him up for adoption.  And the lucky winners are/were?  You guessed it; we now have a pig wandering around our house.

Surprisingly, I’ve quite taken to Monty.  He is very clean, house-trained, inquisitive and friendly.  He’s quite a smart pig too – IQ rates above most dogs!  Charlotte and Oliver, my brother’s kids, absolutely love him and I think he will become a nice friend for them over the years.  He lives up to his namesake, Bernard Montgomery, hero of El Alamein and massively decorated British veteran: bold, unafraid of Great Danes and Mastiffs (both of whom outweight him by 100 pounds) and not afraid to exert his personality.

Stay tuned for more Monty updates….

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