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Nature’s Cathedral

Wednesday, we took Josée’s Mum and Aunt to one of my favourite places on Vancouver Island – Cathedral Grove.  Located halfway between Qualicum and Port Alberni, the Grove is home to some of the biggest trees you will ever see.  Most of the big ones are Douglas Firs although the Western Red Cedars are massive as well.  The biggest fir is over 800 years old [born around 1210 AD], about 27 metres in circumference and about 80 metres high.  To put this in perspective, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is 56 metres in height.  Cathedral Grove is a magical place.  It’s soothing to wander under the canopy, imagining what life was like here when these trees were saplings.

Following our visit to Cathedral Grove, we stopped in to have a stroll around Qualicum Falls.  While more of a series of raging rapids than falls, it was nonetheless very impressive.

We’re lucky to have such beautiful parks and scenery so close to where we live!

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