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And the winner is…

The 2nd Annual Trivia Tourney was a good success once again, with over 70 participants who helped raise $1500 toward cancer research in BC.  The silent auction was a big hit; many thanks to our business sponsors who included Blackfin Pub, Colonial Countertops, Gordon Hearing Services, Home Depot, Ben Davies Financial Planning, Flip Flop Shops, Steve Williamson Photography, Tami Varney Massage, as well as a few individual donors.  Winner of the jelly bean draw was Mike Sutcliffe who submitted an amazingly accurate guess of 247 when the actual number of beans was 244.  Following five rounds of trivia, one of which was a speed round, we had three teams which rose to the top; the outright winners were Myra, Trevor, Theresa, Steph and Amy with a score of 52 out of a possible 70 correct answers.  Congratulations!  Last years winners provided strong competition, finishing in second.

Thanks again to all players – we appreciate your support.  Our ride is in mid-June but we’ll have some more updates before we depart.  See you next year!

PS..don’t forget – Boccé approaches…

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A trivial note…

As you know, the trivia tournament benefiting the Ride to Conquer Cancer is fast approaching (Saturday, March 19th).  Today, Lindsay Chung, intrepid reporter for the Comox Valley Record, published an article on the tourney.  You can read it here.  Our thanks to Lindsay for her support on this file – we really appreciate her getting behind our efforts.  Thank you to those who’ve donated thus far to our efforts; our team fund-raising is going along nicely and we appreciate those of you who’ve promoted our team to their friends and relatives.  To make a donation, please click here and search for our names.

We still have a room at the trivia tourney, so don’t hesitate to sign up.  Thanks again!

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Trivia update…

We’re just over two weeks away from the 2nd Annual Trivia Tourney.  We have quite a few teams lined up as well as some single/double entries.  The maximum size for a team is six players although most teams consist of just four.  This year, we are hoping to raise even more than last and we’re planning to have a liquor licence as well.  If you plan to have a few drinks, please make sure you have a safe way home!  Entry fee is $10 per head; for more details on the trivia tourney, please email me directly, call my office (339.5776), view an info PDF here or check the Facebook page here.

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Trivia anyone?

It’s back – our 2nd Annual Trivia tournament is just around the corner.  Last year, we had nearly 70 people out to our event and all proceeds raised went to benefit our Ride to Conquer Cancer cycle team.  This year, the tourney should be even bigger and it will definitely be better; those in attendance last year will remember we had a few “issues” with the questions!  We’re just booking the venue now but tentatively, the tourney should be early-mid March on a Saturday night.  Make sure you book your calendars now.  Stay tuned for more information or visit the Facebook event page by clicking here.

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And the answer is…

Many thanks to the nearly 60 people who came to our trivia night this past Saturday.  I think most everyone had a good time and we managed to raise just over $1300!  We tried to keep the event well organized and I think we succeeded.  We also learned a few things about how to run a trivia event and will incorporate those suggestions into the 2011 edition!

Josée and I are very appreciative of the support we had, both emotionally and financially.  Right now, I think our tally for our Ride to Conquer Cancer fund-raising efforts is about $5400 and we’re really happy with this figure.  Last year, the 1700 riders managed to raise about $7 million for cancer research and hopefully this year we will smash this figure.

Thanks again and stay tuned for updates!

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Comox Valley Record – Pair putting mettle to their pedals

Comox Valley Record – Pair putting mettle to their pedals.

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Countdown to Trivia and the Cancer Ride

Thanks to Lindsay for her nice article in the Comox Valley Record today.  We appreciate her interest and support.  For those of you not yet registered for the trivia tourney, please get us your entry sooner than later!  We’ve got some good prizes and support – it should be fun.  The Ride to Conquer Cancer is fast approaching; two weeks from this weekend.  Josée and I rode to Campbell River this past Sunday and did a little tour around the town.  Our total mileage (or should it be kilometreage) was around 60km and both of us felt pretty good.  We plan to do a couple more long-distance rides in the next two weeks but so far we are feeling good.  I don’t know if I will be able to say the same on June 21st!

Thanks again to those of you who have supported us with your donations and encouragement.

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Trivia Night

It’s a date! Further to my earlier post, we’ve managed to set our date, place and time for the Trivia Night.  Here are some details:

Place:  Comox Lion’s Club (underneath the old library in Comox)
Date:   Saturday, June 5th
Time:  7:30pm

Entry is $10 per person and we will be playing in teams of four (4); all proceeds go towards our Ride to Conquer Cancer charity bike ride.  If you do not have a team of four, never fear as we will find you a group.  Refreshments will be served and prizes will be awarded.  We’re working on the liquor licence as well!  While entry is $10 per person, we do encourage donations above and beyond the minimum!

SPACE IS LIMITED! To register for the event, please click here to send Ben an email or visit the Facebook event here.  If you want to download a poster to forward to your friends, please click here.  Thanks and please pass the word through email, Facebook and in person!

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It’s so trivial…

Well, we’re about six weeks away from the big ride!  To help raise funds, we’re planning to host a Trivia Night.  If you’re interested, please click the poll below just so we have ideas of numbers.  We’re looking at a Friday or Saturday night, toward the end of May and don’t worry, we’ve already factored in the Canucks hockey schedule.  If you have any comments on dates that work better for you or ideas about who you might bring, please post a comment at the bottom of this post (or email us here) and we’ll take it into consideration.  Stay tuned for more details!

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