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BL Update

Hi everyone!  The update chart is current to today – we only had about 4 people report updates this week.  Enjoy the snow and see you next week!

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Biggest Loser update

Hi everyone.  Here is the most recent chart.  Few people are updating so there have only been a few changes.  Cheers!

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Biggest Loser – Thanksgiving update (wk 6)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Click here for the updated chart.  You can see the weekly progress in the chart below.  Have a great week!

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Biggest Loser – week 5 update

Thanksgiving is upon us so contestants are gearing up for this annual tradition.  I spoke to one of the leaders yesterday who said he is going to a ‘no carb’ diet this week in order that he might have an extra helping of turkey!  Whatever works!  Looks like the consensus get-together idea is to have a potluck supper in mid-October – more details to follow.  Here is the link to the updated chart.

One participant suggested the group meet at Seal Bay for a walk on Thanksgiving morning which I think is a great idea.  Remember that if you have a suggestion or want to include people in an activity, you can send a group email or post a suggestion on the Facebook page.  In fact, the best way is to post the Facebook suggestion then email everyone that you’ve done so.  Good luck and see you next week!

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Biggest Loser – Wk 4

Four down, about 10 to go!  This week we had only had about 5 people reporting so some of the stats are the same as last week.  Hopefully next week everyone will remember.  Right now we’ve got about four horses out in front but the race is long; who knows if someone will make a late charge!   The progress chart is now updated; click here to view.  Stay tuned in the next week or so – we’ll try to put together a group event for mid-October.

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Biggest Loser – Week 3

Another week – hope everyone is doing well with their lifestyle changes.  Remember that weight loss is a fringe benefit; developing a healthy lifestyle is the main goal.  This week saw slower losses than the first two weeks which I think is normal.  According to a friend of mine with great insight, average weekly weigh loss should be in the 2-3 lb range; anything more is generally the result of water loss or ‘starving’ yourself.  We’re after sustainable loss not short term gains.

Anyway, keep up the good work and don’t be discouraged if your losses have slowed or you see someone ahead of you on the graph!  It’s a marathon not a sprint!  Click here for the graph.

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Biggest Loser – Week 2 recap

Week #2 saw a few more people reporting; we now have progress numbers from all contestants except 3.  First week leader RF continues his strong play with another jump in his stats.  Dark horse KZ jumped significantly into a strong second place and PJ made her debut posting a large loss.  Good work to everyone involved.  Remember that when making these lifestyle (diet and exercise) changes, many people experience low to nil weight loss in the first two to three weeks and, believe it or not, some people will increase weight initially.  Don’t let the short term changes distract you from your long-term focus.

Click here for the updated progress chart.

Good luck ’til the next weigh in.

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Biggest Loser – 5 Sept 10

Week one results are in (sort of!) and we have one contestant “weigh” out in front with a 5% loss thus far.  Who knows if this is sustainable!  We now have 15 confirmed entries which equates to a first prize of $975.  Also, we’ve got a progress chart up in the Biggest Loser page so you can track things.  To receive weekly updates, make sure you sign up to this blog or add yourself to the Facebook page.  I’ll update this spreadsheet chart each week as well as the graph.  Good luck and be healthy!

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Biggest Loser 2010

OK folks…the Biggest Loser 2010 is here. Last night, we had the 13 participants over for the weigh-in and we have two others interested in joining the contest. We’ll be doing weekly updates in the form of a chart which tracks the percentage weight lost for each contestant. We won’t use names nor will we use weights! The contest runs from now until 12 Dec 10 at which time we will have the final weigh-in to determine the winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) who will receive cash prizes.  We’re planning to do something charitable as a group but more on that near Christmas.

Obviously every participant will win – getting healthy and feeling better is the ultimate prize. A little healthy competition, however, can help to make those winter workouts a bit more bearable. Some group members are planning group activities while others prefer to ‘go it alone’. Getting healthy, getting fit and feeling good isn’t easy so please feel free to add your supportive comments and cheers to these blog entries as everyone will read them!

Stay tuned for updates!

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