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First go round…

I’ve always liked making things but have’t had a lot of time up until recently.  I decided to make an address sign for our place so dug out a couple 6×6 rough cedar posts, milled and planed it then biscuited it together, routed out some numbers, painted and clear-coated it then mounted the finished product.  There are quite a few glitches on this project; dimensional post caps for non-dimensional wood; a few router slips (thanks to a scare one day from Manuel!) and a few slightly warped boards (clamping in one direction but forgetting the other) but overall it turned out OK.  I may do another one this winter to improve a few techniques.  I also have a rowboat to build but that, as they say, is another story.

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Shaker style…

I found a nice plan for a Shaker-style step the other day and as I had a few hours to kill tonight due to the raining (no cutting the lawn!), I decided to build it.  The step only has five pieces so is nice and simple to assemble.  I made it out of a piece of knotty pine and was going to stain it but didn’t as I figured it kind of looks clean and nice in an Ikea kind of way.  Next up – a breadbox for Josée or may that patio storage box.

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Waste not, want not…

I was sitting out in the workshop the other night and a stray piece of 2×6 caught my eye.  It really should have been tossed in the burn pile but that would have been a waste so I thought about what I could make out of it.  Here’s what I came up with – an iPad stand!  It actually works with my iPhone as well.  Simple and effective – here are the pics!

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From out of the ashes…

As with much in my life, starting one project leads to many subsequent endeavours.  Several weeks ago, I started building some shelves to store overflow inventory.  With one room done, I thought I might as well start on the second which then led to creating a storage bench for the back seats from the Element.  The water storage tank caught my eye next so I rebuild the box surrounding it.  I then ventured into my main workshop.  It still had the original work bench with only a little storage space so I decided to tear everything out and rebuild the lot.  Now I’ve got much more room and everything is better organized; here’s to next winter full of interesting projects!

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