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Woodshed – Phase V (and now we’re done)

Hockey tournaments, trips to Vancouver, bad weather and, of course, work have all done their best to derail my attempts to complete this blasted woodshed.  With a four day weekend ahead of me, I was determined to put this thing to bed once and for all.  After visiting Black Creek Farm and Feed (yes, Home Depot doesn’t corner the market on all projects) where I picked up the 3×10 sheets of galvanized roof, I called up my trustee labourers, the Queen of Sheba and Manuel.  We unloaded the roofing sheets ($20 at BCFF versus $33 at Home Depot) and laid them out on the roof, anxiously double checking my measurements.  Thankfully they were accurate.

The Queen, as Manuel so aptly named her, perched upon Bob’s spring-loaded seat, barking out commands like a sergeant major at parade.  I spent most of my time perched upon a ladder, drilling roofing screws into panels of galvanized metal while Manuel arranged them from the ground.  Josée was busy cleaning up around the backyard and brought us a cup of tea as well – thanks, love!

We wrapped things up by stacking what little firewood we have left for this year and then standing back to admire our work.  The shed should hold 5-6 cords of wood once full and, judging by the rainfall we’re having tonight, is nice and dry.  I just have to tidy up a few loose ends and then figure out my rain-water collection system but that’ll be another day!

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Woodshed – Phase IV

Last weekend, having spent several weeks engrossed in the Olympics, traveling to see the Canucks play Ottawa and Detroit and dodging the odd monsoon, I decided that I needed to get stuck back into the woodshed project.  There wasn’t that much to do but it just seemed like a few weeks flew by with me spending more time glued to the latest Olympic story instead of cutting boards and screwing screws.

I worked a bunch of extra time last week so that I could ask the boss for Friday afternoon off; no paid vacation days in this job!  The main project was to get the roof laid out and the braces for the firewood stacks attached.  Dad and I had to pick up a few materials then, under the careful eye of Forewoman Davies (aka Mum), we laid out the trusses and tightened it all up.  A few measuring errors later, we had a pretty good roof constructed.  The last steps now are to add the strapping and roofing material, a task that should only take an hour – if I can ever get to it!

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Woodshed – phase III

Another day in paradise so I decided to try to get the deck of the shed finished plus start on the walls.  Somehow (and believe me, it’s a miracle) I managed to get my measurements correct and the 8×4 sheets actually fit on the floor.  It’s been a bit frustrating, however, using the wood from Tim’s deck as none of the boards are straight.  I can make my best laser-like measurements and still end up off square!  I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to create the braces for the wood; it’ll probably just be some struts.  I have to add in some steps and the water storage system I mentioned in Phase I.

As noted, I should be able to store just over 6 cords of wood once I’m done.  I figure we use about 2 to 2.5 cords per winter although we’ve definitely used less this year as it has been so warm.  Having the extra space will allow me to get a year or two ahead with my storage. I guess the final phase is the roof.  I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to do it but I’m sure I’ll think up some strategy that will require 9 revisions!

Starting the deck

On to the walls and roof

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Wood shed – phase II

Spring in Comox!  While the rest of the country seems trapped in deepest winter, I took the opportunity to work in 12C weather in early February and jumped into phase II.  After a bit of wrangling, I managed to get the uprights set and square.  The deck I made in phase I worked like a charm.  I now have to add some strapping to keep the firewood contained plus come up with a roof design that allows me to capture the rainwater.  Project cost thus far – about $140.  I’ve used recycled 2×4 and 2×6 lumber from my brother’s old deck and only had to buy the concrete footing blocks and 4×4 uprights.

Phase III to follow…

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Wood shed – phase 1

Site prep

Diggin' holes

Roughin' out the deck

As usual, my “to-do” list grows at a much faster rate than my “done” list.  Point in case is my woodshed.  I meant to work on this last fall but was side-tracked with my 75 metre drainage project.  Anyway, better late than never.  I cleaned out an area with Bob and set to work digging holes into which I’ll set footings and uprights.  I’ve measured, cut and laid out the deck of the shed – it’s 16×8 and should store 6 to 6.5 cords of wood once complete.

Slightly to the north of this shed, I’m going to have a small vineyard, starting with our existing massive grape vine but adding a few others as well.  To keep a ready supply of water for those hot summer days, I’m going to attempt to capture the rainwater off the roof of the woodshed and store it, ready for the grapes should they need a quick drink.  More on this to follow.

It’ll be nice when we get a bit more light at the end of the day as it is hard to get anything done after work.  I hope to finish much of this phase over the coming weekend.  Then it’s on to phase two – makin’ it stand up!

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