Trip list

We love to travel and most of our savings goes into ‘the next trip’.  I grew up travelling all over world including Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, much of SE Asia.  I keep this list mostly to remind me of some of the amazing places we’ve visited.  Some of these are business; most are pleasure.

2019 (Nov) Barbados

2019 (Feb) Big Island, Hawaii

2018 (Dec) Las Vegas

2018 (Oct) Israel / Jordan

2018 (May) Netherlands

2018 (March) Taiwan

2017 (Nov) Curacao

2017 (Aug) Bend, Oregon / Truckee, CA

2017 (May) Tofino

2017 (Apr) Kelowna (business/pleasure)

2016 (Sept) Ottawa (business/pleasure)

2016 (May) Tofino

2015 (Nov) Edmonton (business)

2015 (Sept/Oct) Netherlands

2015 (Aug) Whistler

2015 (Apr) Sedona, Arizona

2015 (Jan) Orlando / Puerto Rico (business / pleasure)

2014 (Nov) Los Angeles

2014 (Sept/Oct) Korea

2014 (Mar) Ottawa

2014 (Feb) Calgary

2014 (Jan) Big Island, Hawaii

2013 (Dec) Los Angeles / Disney

2013 (Jan) Kauai

2012 (Oct) San Diego / Panama Cruise

2012 (Jan/Feb) Tanzania

2011 (Sept) Orlando / Bahamas (business / pleasure)

2010 (Dec) La Cruz (Puerto Vallarta)

2008 (Dec) San Diego

Pre-2008: Portugal, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, France, India, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Greece, UK and a few others!!

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